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My son started his first day of 4 year old preschool and he was all smiles (as you can see!).  It sure helped having quite a few familiar faces from last year in his classroom.  I started this poster tradition with birthdays and have now continued on with each first day of school.  We shall see how long this tradition will last (crossing fingers I can keep up!)  Because he is STILL train obsessed, we were able to use the same bag from last year and he couldn’t be more excited about it!  One less thing this mom had to worry about buying.  Note to all parents out there.  While it’s super cute to have personalized, embroidered items for your kids, I recommend against it for a few reasons.  First and foremost…..safety!  I never realized how easy it could be for some stranger to call out the child’s name or learn who a kid is simply from the name on their bag….whether it be at a school, in an airport (yes, we have his name on his cute, little suitcase), or even at the pool!  It’s just too simple for your child to be called after without them hesitating to answer to an unknown person!  The second reason is that it can only be used by that child!  My second son also loves trains, and because this bag is still in great condition, could have used this for preschool next year, too!  But, no such luck with a name on it!  Just something to think about when tempted to have all things customized and embroidered 🙂
He has THE BEST dad there is…..always carving out time in his work day to be present and make it known how much his kids are top priority!  My boys are lucky to know their dad will always show up!
Although I’m not a big fan of pictures of myself, I am doing my best to hop in with my family, especially my kids.  I want them to know how happy they make me and need to remember these special events that fly by in an instant, where little happenings can be forgotten years to come. 

The best part about going to preschool each day is that he is in the same school as GRANDMA!  He tells everyone that “I go to grandma’s preschool!” with a smile from ear to ear.  I think it’s safe to say she feels the same.  A win-win for both of them being able to wave and say hi each day. 

Brothers.  They are quickly becoming the best of buds and love the friendship they are forming.  Before we know it, they will both be going to school! 

It sure is fun to have friends from last year in your class again! 

Neighbors and best buds in the same class again…nothing beats the awesome memories these two boys are making!  Such fun they have together. 

Being a former elementary teacher myself, I always want my kids’ teachers to know how valued and special they are.  It takes a truly passionate person to love on so many children at once and requires a wealth of patience, ESPECIALLY those working at the preschool level.  From day one of meeting E’s teacher this year, we knew she had this special spark and would surely ignite a love of learning in our son.  To wish her a wonderful year, we gifted her a little basket with some customized notepads included. Hopefully they will be useful to her!  You can order yours, too at the link below 🙂

Customize your notepads here – EclecticNoteCards (ETSY)

To those of you who follow me know how much I love to gift baskets.  The one thing that I always try to include is a cute card or note of some sort.  This free teacher tag is available in my free printable archive.  Simply be sure you’re subscribed to the blog to gain password entry! There is an abundance of free downloads in addition to this one 🙂

I sure hope all of your kiddos have gotten off to an awesome start to the school year!  Cheers to many moments of success and fun, and not too many tears (from homework…..because, I get it!)

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