Time for School!

IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL TIME… My son started his first day of 4 year old preschool and he was all smiles (as you can see!).  It sure helped having quite a few familiar faces from last year in his classroom.  I started this poster tradition with birthdays and have now continued on with each first day of school.  We shall see how long this tradition will last (crossing fingers I can keep up!)  Because he is STILL train obsessed, we were {Read More}

Customized Stat Posters: BACK TO SCHOOL & BIRTHDAYS!

Because It’s Back To School time, I wanted to share an old post of mine that I thought you might enjoy!  I’ve gotten a lot of requests to bring these back, so here you have it!  Plus, I’ve added some new designs for you to check out. Are you someone who wants to document your child’s life in a unique way, but frankly, you just don’t have the time or energy to create that special something?  These posters are a fun and {Read More}

End of Year Gift for TEACHERS!

Teacher Appreciation week is almost over, but it’s never too late to let an educator know how special they are!  This is the perfect present for teachers of any grade level, from preschool all the way to high school.  Daycare providers, swim coaches, dance teachers….you name it! This DIY Mason Jar gift, similar to the Mother’s Day Edition, is super easy to make and very affordable!  Consider this a gift that will brighten up someone’s day, helping them splash into {Read More}

End of Year Gift for Kids (Free Printable)

Welp, the end of the school year is approaching and teachers all across the nation find themselves thinking things like, “It feels like it was just August.” or “Is it summer yet?”  I know this because I taught 3rd grade for 8 years and the end of the school year brings about a full of range emotions.  You are so busy closing everything down, but often find yourself reminiscing about all the special memories that have been created. While you {Read More}