Life with Kids: 10 realizations you have as a parent!

Soooo, before I became a parent, I had these hypothetical thoughts in my head of how life would play out once I had kids of my own.  I mean, it wouldn’t be all that hard. My children would be these stellar little creatures and I would be the fun, easy going, patient-all-the-time mom.  Yup, that’s right….parenthood would be this grand, daring adventure! Well, I guess you could say it’s a daring adventure. But, in a different kind of way.  You see, {Read More}

I Was Busy…

Striking balance.  No matter what season of life you’re in, we all face this struggle.  I often feel as though I’m a circus clown trying to juggle multiple balls at a time, but fail miserably at keeping them all in the air. We strive to keep it together and make it look like we know what we’re doing.  Society tells us to add more to our plates and stay busy.  Our bodies tell us otherwise.  I’m a natural “on the go” person.  I {Read More}

A Note Card

I have two young boys. The question that lingers most often in my head is… “What type of impact will I have on them?”. Just recently, I read an article called Words of Wisdom on The author, Autumn Ward, shares a story about an experience she had while attending her son’s college orientation.  She was given a single note card and asked to write a few words of wisdom to her child. This could have gone one of two ways: A.) She {Read More}

Looking Fear in the Face

I went out to lunch with my mom a few weeks ago.  As we sat at the table, I told her about a random thought that had been consuming me, “I feel like everyone I can possibly think of has gone through, is currently facing, or has always experienced a really big struggle in their life.”  Whether it be… Marital issues and/or divorce,  Finding out someone has cancer or a lifelong illness,  Having a child with special needs,  Losing a {Read More}

5 Things I Want My Son To Know

You only hope that as you grow older, you also grow wiser.  Some of us look back at our youth and think, “Huh…my (enter parent of choice) actually did know what they were talking about”.   Once you have a child of your own, you realize the significance of what your mom and dad taught you growing up. You see things in a new light and understand why they made certain decisions or how tough it was to raise a {Read More}

8 Moments Every Parent Needs PATIENCE

Terms like “Wedded Bliss” should not exist…because we all know that marriage is never pure joy 100% of the time.  Heck, you’re one of the lucky ones if you’re batting 500 consistently.  No matter how wonderful your spouse is, it takes an incredible amount of patience to create and sustain a happy home. The same can be said for parenting.  While it definitely comes with a lot of GOOD, it certainly requires sacrifice and hard work. Similar to marriage, parenting {Read More}