Book Review: The Danish Way of Parenting

Getting time to yourself as a parent isn’t something you take for granted.  BUT, what to do with the pockets of alone time is the big question. Should I go for a run, take a nap, clean the house (not desired but necessary), have a glass of vino and catch up on Netflix, read a book, finish the project I started, or  DO NOTHING? Usually, reading goes by the wayside because it requires FOCUS and I’m pretty tapped out mentally by the time I can actually {Read More}

Life with Kids: 10 realizations you have as a parent!

Soooo, before I became a parent, I had these hypothetical thoughts in my head of how life would play out once I had kids of my own.  I mean, it wouldn’t be all that hard. My children would be these stellar little creatures and I would be the fun, easy going, patient-all-the-time mom.  Yup, that’s right….parenthood would be this grand, daring adventure! Well, I guess you could say it’s a daring adventure. But, in a different kind of way.  You see, {Read More}

5 White Lies I Tell My Child

Yes, I admit it.  I tell little while lies.  I swore I would never be the parent who lied to their child.  I told myself pre-kid days, “You should always be upfront and honest with them”.  Wellllll, that was wishful thinking.  Because….sometimes, you will do anything to keep an ounce of your sanity. The incessant whining.  The tantrums.  The non-stop questions.  There are days when my patience goes out the door and I just can’t seem to keep my cool.  Instead of pulling out my hair or shouting from the rooftops, I {Read More}

Kids Gift Guide: Transportation Books

Calling all parents of toddlers and young children!!  If you have a little one who LOVES all things transportation like my little guy….you must keep reading!  Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter, these books are engaging for all kids.  All of their favorites are included: planes, trains, tractors, dump trucks, construction vehicles, fire trucks, race cars, police cars, buses, helicopters…pretty much anything that moves you can find within the pages of one of these books! While reading these, kids will {Read More}

End of Year Gift for Kids (Free Printable)

Welp, the end of the school year is approaching and teachers all across the nation find themselves thinking things like, “It feels like it was just August.” or “Is it summer yet?”  I know this because I taught 3rd grade for 8 years and the end of the school year brings about a full of range emotions.  You are so busy closing everything down, but often find yourself reminiscing about all the special memories that have been created. While you {Read More}

Top Bedtime Books for Kids

Story time with my son just might be my favorite time of the day!  Thinking back to my childhood, I loved when my parents would read to us at night.  Books like Little Critter, Berenstein Bears, and Winnie the Pooh were just a few of my favorites.  Now that I’m a mom, I light up each time E grabs a book and brings it over to me.  His excitement is palpable. Although he is still quite young to understand them {Read More}