A New Year: my PLACE in life!

Yes, a new year has arrived, which brings about resolutions and goal setting.  Everyone wants to improve areas of their life to be happier and healthier.  Last year, I chose a word that inspired and motivated me, START.  My main objective was to stop fearing the unknown and no longer allow my perfectionism to get in the way of moving forward to follow my passions. For 2017, I’ve chosen the word PLACE, using it as an acronym, to help outline the areas of life {Read More}

Lessons Learned in 2016 (PART 2)

If you didn’t have a chance to check out Part 1 of Lessons Learned in 2016, check them out here! Over a cup of coffee and some solitude (a rarity with kids), I came about the remaining reflections: SHIFT your SOCIAL interactions Sometimes (call me crazy), I wish we could go back to the days without internet and social media. People actually engaged AUTHENTICALLY with one another, instead of their head buried in a cell phone. Again, am I innocent of this?  No.  But it’s definitely an {Read More}

Lessons Learned in 2016 (PART 1)

2016 certainly had its memorable moments, both good and bad.  With each passing year, I try to sit back  and reflect on the lessons that life is teaching me. Here are the first few that stuck out: PROGRESS happens in PHASES Growth is a gradual process. I tend to be a person who seeks immediate results (please tell me I’m not the only one?!). But, progress isn’t always a one and done thing. It takes time and patience. These are a few things that I’ve learned {Read More}

It all starts with a step…

START.  This is my chosen word for 2016. It’s something I’ve struggled with for quite some time. Being the perfectionist that I am, I often become very hesitant to get started on something.  The given task always seem so monumental in my head. I’m a planner. I like to have my ducks in a row and be prepared for what may come.  The thing is, you can never fully prepare for what lies ahead.  You can’t avoid mistakes.  You certainly {Read More}

New Year Goals: Less of this & More of that

With the start of a new year, you will typically find most media outlets inundated with “resolution talk”. What goals have you set out to accomplish?  How are you going to create a better you? You want to become healthier, more spontaneous and adventurous, and let go of things that weigh you down or hold you back.  So, most people start to create lists upon lists of things they HOPE to do within a year’s worth of time.  You want {Read More}