Nautical Themed Party

So, it’s been a couple weeks since our vacation in Florida and I’m really missing the beach!  Watching my boys play together in the sand, riding on the kayak for their first time, searching for seashells, and splashing in the water, made for some great memories.  All of this fun in the sun got me to thinking.  I should probably post E’s nautical themed first birthday deets from almost a YEAR AGO.  Folks, he is almost two!! This mama is suhhhhlacking!  It has {Read More}

DIY New Baby Gift Baskets

When it comes time to make that first visit to meet a new little love, you certainly don’t want to arrive empty handed.  While pretty much anything you bring is appreciated (especially dinner so cooking can be avoided for awhile), something I enjoy giving is a themed baby basket!  This can be made in a variety of ways, whether it’s girly, boyish, or gender neutral!  Here are just a couple ideas that you can use, including free printable tags and {Read More}

Star of the Show Gift

Well, HELLLLOOOO Summer!  It sure has been awhile since I last posted on here.  The months of May and June are always a bit of a blur. With Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, birthday celebrations (FIVE!), our anniversary, closing on our new home, graduations, and recitals…it’s been slightly more difficult to keep up on here!  The one thing, strangely (I admit), that seems to help me maintain my sanity and not get TOO overwhelmed during this time of year is when I can carve {Read More}

Dollar Spot DIY – Wk. 1 (Spring Frame)

A new season has arrived…which means it’s time to decorate! You know what that means?  Time to go shopping! Where else to go when you need some seasonal decor?  None other than…..(drum roll, please)….TARGET!  Some might say (ah hem, cough…my husband), I’m an obsessive “Target Dollar Spot” shopper.   No matter how hard I try to avoid that little section of the store, I never have enough will power.I get sucked in EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I simply can’t contain myself. Surely, I’m not the only {Read More}

A Cheer Up “Sunshine” Basket

Lately, a few people in my life have been going through some challenging times.  The struggles they are facing have brought about stress, worry, uncertainty, and feelings of pain or sadness.  You wonder how you can help and make things better.  I’m sure we all know a person or two who is fighting some kind of battle. While we can’t make their problems disappear, there are many ways we can brighten up their day. Do you  know of anyone who {Read More}

Guest Post: DIY Cool Kid T-Shirt Tutorial

Hey, Friends!  Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been on a blogging hiatus the past couple of weeks.  That’s primarily because I was getting ready to welcome baby #2 into our family!  Because I knew life would take on a whole new level of busy, I asked my friend, Christine, from Where the Smiles Have Been if she would be so kind to share a guest post with all of you!  She cheerfully agreed, and trust me on this {Read More}