Nautical Themed Party

So, it’s been a couple weeks since our vacation in Florida and I’m really missing the beach!  Watching my boys play together in the sand, riding on the kayak for their first time, searching for seashells, and splashing in the water, made for some great memories.  All of this fun in the sun got me to thinking.  I should probably post E’s nautical themed first birthday deets from almost a YEAR AGO.  Folks, he is almost two!! This mama is suhhhhlacking!  It has been really tough to keep up with blogging this past year. But as the infamous saying goes….it’s better late than never, right?!

I wound up going with a nautical theme after a good friend of mine asked me to help her create a few things for a baby shower she was hosting!  Since I had already crafted up the general designs for that, I realized this would be the perfect theme for a birthday, too!  Having to create two parties in a month’s time (June/July), time was tickin, so I went with what I already had.


Follow along below for ideas with signs, printables, food ideas, and decor items!  This particular theme can be used for both birthday parties and baby showers, as the ideas are endless 🙂

Nautical Themed Birthday Invitation

First up….the invitations!  While I chose the colors royal, light blue, and red….you can go with whichever ones you prefer.  If you’re looking to have one of these customized, I’d be happy to create one for your special celebration….birthday or baby shower!

Baby Shower Invite – Design 1

Baby Shower Invite – Design 2

To create this festive food display, I’ve created treat tent cards for you to use!

Beach Ball Kabobs

Cute napkins and color coordinating utensils

Treat Table Display

Cupcake Toppers/Ian & Lola Designs  (via Catch My Party)

Cupcake Toppers / Ian & Nola Designs (via Catch My Party)

Chips “Ahoy” snacks

“Catch of the Day” snacks

A twist on the first aid station!

Life Rings to save the day!

Gone Fishing! Live Bait available…

Custom cookies for the birthday boy!

All of these mini posters should be printed in either 4×6 or 5×7.  The standing frames I use come from Michaels or IKEA, and are offered in a variety of colors!

Customized Birthday Stat Poster

Birthday Stat posters serve as a wonderful memory of all the special moments that happened over the course of the last year!  These can be made for any theme or age.  I’ve made one for my older son’s birthday since he was born and put them in his baby book.  Typically, I will have the poster printed out in 16×20 format and then I mount it to foam board for stability!

Birthday Poster – Template 1

Dessert Table Decor – Pinwheel Rosettes

Birthday Poster – Template 2

Each poster can be designed for a birthday (first, second, third, etc.) or a baby shower.  Wording/phrasing is adjusted to your liking!

Birthday 3D number boxes!

One of my favorite, and most inexpensive ways, to make a statement at a party is to create these 3D birthday boxes!  They add a bold pop of color to any background.  All you need to do is grab some fun wrapping paper, order the boxes for FREE at USPS online, and snag some craft letters at a Hobby Lobby or Michaels!  It really is quite simple.

Goody bag with thank you note tucked inside!

Two types of goody bags for party guests!

Temporary Tattoos were included!

Navy Blue Goody Bag

Anchor Goody Bag with all the coordinating items!

You can get started with making these simple treat bags by purchasing the nautical themed gift pack, which includes the temporary tattoos, pencils, and sticker packs.  Additionally, a pair of sunglasses, lifesaver candies, and a multi-colored beach ball were included!


Birthday boy enjoying his smash cake!

All smiles for cake!

Time to dig in!!

My little mess maker!

The birthday outfit!

Little Sailor Hat and Mudpie #1 raglan

To download some of these posters, stickers, and cards for FREE,  please subscribe to Melly Moments blog for access to my printables archive!

All images are watermarked.  These designs are for PERSONAL use only*



From one busy mom to another, I sure hope these ideas will allow you to create a fabulous bash without a ton of stress or mess!  Here’s to hoping you  save time and enjoy the process of party planning!

Until my next trip to the beach…I will be dreaming of sunny days!

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