MIA mama, that’s me!

I’m excited to finally disclose the reason I’ve been MIA over the past two months!  Our tribe will continue to grow….as we are expecting baby #3 in early March!  All of you moms out there know how tiring the 1st trimester of pregnancy can be.  Now, add two VERY ENERGETIC little ones to chase after all day and I’m basically passed out as I eat dinner each night.  Needless to say, the blog has been put by the wayside for a bit while I try to muster enough energy to complete the minimal duties that life calls for!

Being that we didn’t find out the gender with our first two babes, we plan to keep it that way for this one! Because this little love will complete our family, we are excited for one final surprise on delivery day.  Hands down, the number one assumption that is made with this one is that “you’re probably hoping for a girl, right?”  Honestly, no.  Would I be disappointed if we had a girl?  Not at all.  But, truly…I absolutely love being a mom of boys.  My mom and I both have ALWAYS (since before I had kids) had a gut feeling that I would be a mom of 3 boys someday.  That feeling has never gone away.  Either way, we will be overjoyed to add another blessing to our family, regardless of the sex!  Now, I can’t make promises for how the boys will feel…

When I asked my oldest if he wanted a baby brother or sister, he thoughtfully sat and considered his answer.  A few seconds later, he very matter of factly and definitively said, “I don’t want a brother or sister!”  I asked him, “Well….why not, buddy?”  He said he doesn’t want the baby to ruin his train tracks (as his brother does everyday).  Can’t blame him…it’s a valid reason 🙂

Being pregnant this year is extra exciting, as my SIL is expecting in October, so we will have another set of cousins born within months of one another….which make the best pals!  I also have four other friends who are currently pregnant and we are all due within one month of each other.  So, I look forward to being in good company and the many fun play dates ahead!

I’m currently starting my second trimester and hoping for smoother sailing from here on out.  While I had gestational diabetes with my first two boys, I now have Type 1 Diabetes (diagnosed shortly after my 2nd was born), and it sure is giving me a run for my money!  My diet has to be extremely consistent and my numbers monitored 24/7 to ensure I’m keeping my blood sugars in balance. It’s not an easy task, let me tell ya!  Diabetes also suppresses my immune system, which has already caused me to be on antibiotics 3x!  Realizing that this just takes some (okay, a lot of) extra work and planning on my part will help prepare me for what lies ahead with another baby added to the mix 🙂  In the end, it all boils down to doing the best ya can with what’s been thrown your way, right?!  So, cheers to the next six months (that will FLY by….YIKES!) full of baby kicks, hiccups, a growing belly……and snuggling the heck out of my two boys who will soon seem like giants and grown men   (I wonder how they ever fit in my arms) once he/she is born!

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  1. Christine B. says:

    OMG, I’m just now hearing this news! CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting! I wish you a smooth, healthy, restful pregnancy….haha, yeah, I know the restful part won’t happen with two little boys! 🙂 Congrats again!

    • mellymoments says:

      Thanks so much, Christine! 🙂 Hope you and those two little guys of yours are doing wonderfully! So excited to see you back in action recently….loving all of your posts! Keep it up, mama!

  2. Oh this is so exciting for you and your family!!! Congrats!!!

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