All about Fall Y’all!

My favorite time of year to decorate is September through December!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are the best holidays.  The weather this time of year changes rapidly, almost skipping Fall entirely (my favorite season, go figure) and quickly fast forwards to a cold and dark winter (Blah!).   Because of the drops in temperature and dreary weather, you find yourself spending a lot more time indoors. This makes it even more important for the space I’m surrounded by to feel comfy, cozy, and happy. Even though I {Read More}

A New Year: my PLACE in life!

Yes, a new year has arrived, which brings about resolutions and goal setting.  Everyone wants to improve areas of their life to be happier and healthier.  Last year, I chose a word that inspired and motivated me, START.  My main objective was to stop fearing the unknown and no longer allow my perfectionism to get in the way of moving forward to follow my passions. For 2017, I’ve chosen the word PLACE, using it as an acronym, to help outline the areas of life {Read More}

Lessons Learned in 2016 (PART 2)

If you didn’t have a chance to check out Part 1 of Lessons Learned in 2016, check them out here! Over a cup of coffee and some solitude (a rarity with kids), I came about the remaining reflections: SHIFT your SOCIAL interactions Sometimes (call me crazy), I wish we could go back to the days without internet and social media. People actually engaged AUTHENTICALLY with one another, instead of their head buried in a cell phone. Again, am I innocent of this?  No.  But it’s definitely an {Read More}

4 Ways to Help a Mom Stay Sane!

Mother’s Day is a week away and I KNOW that we are all thinking about the perfect gift for that very special mom in our life.  OR, you may be a husband who wants to show his wife how much he appreciates everything she does for the family. Well, coming from one herself, let me tell you what moms really want/need to maintain our sanity. Forego the flowers. Skip the new shoes.  Bypass the breakfast in bed.       All of these are nice {Read More}

Dollar Spot DIY – Wk. 1 (Spring Frame)

A new season has arrived…which means it’s time to decorate! You know what that means?  Time to go shopping! Where else to go when you need some seasonal decor?  None other than…..(drum roll, please)….TARGET!  Some might say (ah hem, cough…my husband), I’m an obsessive “Target Dollar Spot” shopper.   No matter how hard I try to avoid that little section of the store, I never have enough will power.I get sucked in EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I simply can’t contain myself. Surely, I’m not the only {Read More}

St. Patrick’s Day RAINBOW Freebies!

St. Patty’s Day is just one week away, folks!  There are so many fun traditions to create with your friends and family.  From festive food options to fun, kid friendly activities, this list of 20 RAINBOW themed ideas will definitely make it a great celebration!   Check out the many free printables below!  These are all very simple to complete with minimal prep and completion time! To download these fabulous freebies, be sure to click on each link to head to {Read More}