DIY New Baby Gift Baskets

When it comes time to make that first visit to meet a new little love, you certainly don’t want to arrive empty handed.  While pretty much anything you bring is appreciated (especially dinner so cooking can be avoided for awhile), something I enjoy giving is a themed baby basket!  This can be made in a variety of ways, whether it’s girly, boyish, or gender neutral!  Here are just a couple ideas that you can use, including free printable tags and {Read More}

Star of the Show Gift

Well, HELLLLOOOO Summer!  It sure has been awhile since I last posted on here.  The months of May and June are always a bit of a blur. With Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, birthday celebrations (FIVE!), our anniversary, closing on our new home, graduations, and recitals…it’s been slightly more difficult to keep up on here!  The one thing, strangely (I admit), that seems to help me maintain my sanity and not get TOO overwhelmed during this time of year is when I can carve {Read More}

Love You a Latte Giveaway

 With Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Graduation ceremonies just around the corner, it’s time to let a special lady in your life know just how much you appreciate her! This past Valentine’s Day, I gifted these adorable pink and teal coffee mugs that I found at Target.  I filled them up with candy and a Starbuck’s Gift Card.  To add a fun touch, I attached the “Love You a Latte” circular tag to the lid with a brief note written underneath. {Read More}

A Cheer Up “Sunshine” Basket

Lately, a few people in my life have been going through some challenging times.  The struggles they are facing have brought about stress, worry, uncertainty, and feelings of pain or sadness.  You wonder how you can help and make things better.  I’m sure we all know a person or two who is fighting some kind of battle. While we can’t make their problems disappear, there are many ways we can brighten up their day. Do you  know of anyone who {Read More}

DIY Gift Basket for Men (Grill Master Edition)

My hubby’s birthday was yesterday and summer is officially ready to begin!  A few years back, I bought him a green egg grill for his birthday and he LOVES using it to cookout.  This is one of my favorite times of the year because he makes some REALLY good food, especially his ribs!  My mouth waters every time I think about them.  He has even perfected BBQ chicken legs on his smoker. As many of you know, it can be {Read More}

End of Year Gift for TEACHERS!

Teacher Appreciation week is almost over, but it’s never too late to let an educator know how special they are!  This is the perfect present for teachers of any grade level, from preschool all the way to high school.  Daycare providers, swim coaches, dance teachers….you name it! This DIY Mason Jar gift, similar to the Mother’s Day Edition, is super easy to make and very affordable!  Consider this a gift that will brighten up someone’s day, helping them splash into {Read More}