All about Fall Y’all!

My favorite time of year to decorate is September through December!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are the best holidays.  The weather this time of year changes rapidly, almost skipping Fall entirely (my favorite season, go figure) and quickly fast forwards to a cold and dark winter (Blah!).   Because of the drops in temperature and dreary weather, you find yourself spending a lot more time indoors. This makes it even more important for the space I’m surrounded by to feel comfy, cozy, and happy. Even though I love having mums, pumpkins, and hay bails adorn the front porch, giving the inside of our home a festive feel is the most exciting part!I’ve always felt the entrance to a home should make you smile before walking through the front door!  Pops of color, especially with some pretty flowers, always seems to do the trick. I don’t know about you, but this lady needs her cup of joe in the morning!  What better way to spruce up your living space than setting up a coffee bar.  It’s simple…just add a few, fun mugs…string along some garland….find the perfect sign and voila, you have a cute space to wake up to!  The good part about this is that it’s easy to change with each holiday!  I’m already looking forward to swapping out my Thanksgiving cups for my Christmas ones.  This little nook is in our living room.  Being that most of the furniture and decor is wood tones, I knew I needed to incorporate some pops of color within!  To do so, I added one of my favorite seasonal prints, the pumpkin spice quote I bought from Pen and Paint!  Here’s a close up of this beauty…She has SO many adorable prints for any season, holiday….just everything in general!  To see more, head to her ETSY SHOP and check out all of her creative designs!I always tend to mix my Halloween decorations with Thanksgiving because they share similar colors and I try to just give our house a “Fall Feel” to it, nothing over-the-top spooky (yet, at least).  This little thankful sign reminds me to stop what I’m doing throughout the day and think of the things I have to be grateful about, which are many. Being that we will have three children in the coming months, I had to pick up this skeleton piece to go along with my witch/monster sign . I’m sure this will be quite the accurate description while raising three littles soon (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!).  It was just too perfect to pass up!
Now, I know I can’t be the only one who scours Pinterest or Instagram, and somehow comes across all of these rustic wooden quote signs that always seem to speak to me in some way.  I want to have it, but the catch is…they always cost an arm and a leg!!  If I want one for each season, my bank account would be at 0.  So, I decided last year to get this 24×36 frame to put on top of our mantle.  I would then create my own prints for every holiday or season.  This way, I could customize them and spend a heck of a lot less money.  This Halloween print can be found in my printable archive as a free download, along with the following two that are hanging in my family room!These two prints hang on the wall of our family room where we spend a good portion of our time, playing and relaxing.  Because I’m constantly showering my boys with hugs and kisses, I thought this first print would be an appropriate one to hang, with a little Halloween twist, of course! 

This skeleton print invites me, and/or guests, to take a seat and REST for a bit.  Often times, I find myself focusing on so many of the details during this time of year, that I sometimes forget to slow down and take it all in….AKA – to rest my weary mom bones 🙂

You can grab these free downloads as well in my printable archive above!

Have a very happy Fall, Ya’ll (as my husband would say)!

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