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Holiday Family1My name is Mel (or Melly) and I’m a mama from the midwest, who LOVES adventure, especially during the fun and crazy journey of motherhood!                                                                                               Being a former elementary school teacher, I miss having opportunities to share my passions and connect with others! I started Melly Moments to give myself a space to write and tap into my creative outlet. There are a lot of things I love, as I’m often reminded by family and friends that I have far too many “favorites”!

                                                                              My 3 handsome boys,  playing sports, DIY projects, decorating for the holidays,  photography, traveling, children’s books, watching home videos, iced coffee, outdoor concerts, hammocks, jammin to the radio in my car, bonfires, vacations, barbecues in the summertime, my overly loud and fun-loving family, water-parks and rollercoasters…..pretty much anything else that brings out the kid in me!

  •   I completed one of the top items on my Bucket List- Skydiving over the Swiss Alps!
  •   An 8 foot hammerhead shark swam past me as I was scuba diving in the Florida Keys!
  •   Volunteering at a Children’s hospital on the oncology floor profoundly changed my life.  
  •   Having Type 1 Diabetes doesn’t bode well with my massive sweet tooth.  
  •   The Target Dollar Spot is my ultimate weakness.  It feeds my addiction for making gift baskets!
  •   Music is an instant mood changer.  You’ll always hear me singing, just never the right words!  
  •   My collection of scarves, hats, and hoodies is starting to get out of control.    
  •   Mornings and I don’t mix.  Consider this lady a night owl!
  •   I have a twin brother, Matt.  He is the idealist and I am the realist.  He was the “Man of Honor”     in my wedding…..and no, I didn’t make him wear a dress 😉                                                                        

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