A Cheer Up “Sunshine” Basket

Lately, a few people in my life have been going through some challenging times.  The struggles they are facing have brought about stress, worry, uncertainty, and feelings of pain or sadness.  You wonder how you can help and make things better.  I’m sure we all know a person or two who is fighting some kind of battle. While we can’t make their problems disappear, there are many ways we can brighten up their day.
Do you  know of anyone who needs some sunshine in their life?  Do you want to cheer them up, but aren’t quite sure what to say or do?  Sometimes, a simple phone call is the right move.  Other times, it’s nice to grab lunch or send a care package.  To help spread some positivity and make them feel loved, you can create this BOX FULL OF SUNSHINE to let that friend, neighbor, coworker, or family member know you care and are thinking of them!  Whether it be a get well gift, a sweet surprise to uplift someone’s spirits, or serving as a thank you present…..you’re sure to put a smile on their face!  
To create your own “Sunshine” basket,  most of the yellow themed items above, I found at my local Target store.  It just so happened that I was also going with a “Turn Lemons into Lemonade” theme and happened upon the adorable lemon designed I-phone case.  Score!!
As I’ve said before about making themed baskets, I always stroll through the Target Dollar Spot to look for cute containers.  I just so happened to snag this yellow basket, which was perfect for this little gift. The mason jar and checkered lid were also discovered in this area.  Total win for the day!
I wanted to create two different types of baskets, so I decided to use a wooden crate as well.  It’s fun to jazz up simple things with festive ribbon.  I added the yellow polka dot ribbon to give it a little flare. Then, to bring the “Turn Lemons into Lemonade” tag to life, I thought it would be fun to add some lemon head candy (LEMONS) and Minute Maid Drops (LEMONADE) into the mason jar.
These were all of the fun items I was able to find to add to the baskets.  Creating a colored themed basket is really a lot of fun.  From food to jewelry to health/beauty items, you can get really creative with what you put together!  Yellow happens to be easier in the summertime, but there is no right/wrong time to create a themed gift basket!

If you know of someone who could be uplifted and use some cheering up, be sure to print out these FREE printable tags and make your very own sunshine basket!

Oval Lemonade Tag & Rectangular Sunshine Tag 

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