I Was Busy…

Striking balance.  No matter what season of life you’re in, we all face this struggle.  I often feel as though I’m a circus clown trying to juggle multiple balls at a time, but fail miserably at keeping them all in the air. We strive to keep it together and make it look like we know what we’re doing.  Society tells us to add more to our plates and stay busy.  Our bodies tell us otherwise.  I’m a natural “on the go” person.  I {Read More}

4 Ways to Help a Mom Stay Sane!

Mother’s Day is a week away and I KNOW that we are all thinking about the perfect gift for that very special mom in our life.  OR, you may be a husband who wants to show his wife how much he appreciates everything she does for the family. Well, coming from one herself, let me tell you what moms really want/need to maintain our sanity. Forego the flowers. Skip the new shoes.  Bypass the breakfast in bed.       All of these are nice {Read More}

Love You a Latte Giveaway

 With Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Graduation ceremonies just around the corner, it’s time to let a special lady in your life know just how much you appreciate her! This past Valentine’s Day, I gifted these adorable pink and teal coffee mugs that I found at Target.  I filled them up with candy and a Starbuck’s Gift Card.  To add a fun touch, I attached the “Love You a Latte” circular tag to the lid with a brief note written underneath. {Read More}

Dollar Spot DIY – Wk. 1 (Spring Frame)

A new season has arrived…which means it’s time to decorate! You know what that means?  Time to go shopping! Where else to go when you need some seasonal decor?  None other than…..(drum roll, please)….TARGET!  Some might say (ah hem, cough…my husband), I’m an obsessive “Target Dollar Spot” shopper.   No matter how hard I try to avoid that little section of the store, I never have enough will power.I get sucked in EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I simply can’t contain myself. Surely, I’m not the only {Read More}

5 White Lies I Tell My Child

Yes, I admit it.  I tell little while lies.  I swore I would never be the parent who lied to their child.  I told myself pre-kid days, “You should always be upfront and honest with them”.  Wellllll, that was wishful thinking.  Because….sometimes, you will do anything to keep an ounce of your sanity. The incessant whining.  The tantrums.  The non-stop questions.  There are days when my patience goes out the door and I just can’t seem to keep my cool.  Instead of pulling out my hair or shouting from the rooftops, I {Read More}

Kids Gift Guide: Transportation Books

Calling all parents of toddlers and young children!!  If you have a little one who LOVES all things transportation like my little guy….you must keep reading!  Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter, these books are engaging for all kids.  All of their favorites are included: planes, trains, tractors, dump trucks, construction vehicles, fire trucks, race cars, police cars, buses, helicopters…pretty much anything that moves you can find within the pages of one of these books! While reading these, kids will {Read More}