Superbowl Party: 10 Simple & Tasty Recipes

So, Superbowl is in a few days, and although my team hasn’t been in it since the 80’s (yes, we’re terrible), I still enjoy the festivities that circle around this event. It’s a fun time to spend with friends and family, while enjoying some delicious food! Whether you’re hosting or attending a party, it’s important to find a dish that is simple yet tasty!  Being a mom with young kids, time is of the essence, so I look for something {Read More}

Valentines Day Stickers – Nothing BUNDT love!

There are many ways we can show others how much we love and appreciate them!  It shouldn’t take a holiday to do so, but when Valentine’s Day DOES roll around, it’s fun to give something with a cute, creative touch…..without breaking the bank in the process! I don’t  know about you all, but if you’ve never tried these cupcake like desserts, well…you’re missing out!  We have a store in our town called Nothing Bundt Cakes that sell these in a variety of {Read More}

Non-Candy Valentines for Kids!

Less than a month away, you all!  Valentine’s Day is soon approaching, and those of you with kids, know how time consuming it can become to put together class treats, especially with the many known food allergies that children have these days!  You want to be safe, fun, and creative without spending too much time or money on them.  So, today I’m sharing these non-food valentine treats that you can download and use!  Super simple and really cute, for all {Read More}

All about Fall Y’all!

My favorite time of year to decorate is September through December!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are the best holidays.  The weather this time of year changes rapidly, almost skipping Fall entirely (my favorite season, go figure) and quickly fast forwards to a cold and dark winter (Blah!).   Because of the drops in temperature and dreary weather, you find yourself spending a lot more time indoors. This makes it even more important for the space I’m surrounded by to feel comfy, cozy, and happy. Even though I {Read More}

Incentive Charts for Kids

This is something I’ve had the intention of doing for quite some time, but always seemed to put off, because….well, summer got the best of us!  With a 4 year old who is starting to test boundaries and sharpen his negotiating skills (especially at bedtime), it was starting to become more and more necessary to start an incentive system with him, as a way of motivating him to be more consistent with positive behaviors and become more responsible!  I didn’t {Read More}

MIA mama, that’s me!

I’m excited to finally disclose the reason I’ve been MIA over the past two months!  Our tribe will continue to grow….as we are expecting baby #3 in early March!  All of you moms out there know how tiring the 1st trimester of pregnancy can be.  Now, add two VERY ENERGETIC little ones to chase after all day and I’m basically passed out as I eat dinner each night.  Needless to say, the blog has been put by the wayside for a bit while I try {Read More}